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Woodpecker Extension
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Woodpecker Extension

LARKinfolab’s Woodpecker is an extension application for Qlik Sense Business Intelligence. It is a no-code application to build a web-based interface and webpages using Qlik Sense objects from your own Qlik Sense back-end hub environment and is based on the functionality of the Qlik Sense mash-up. In short a no-code user friendly mash-up generator.

The regular Qlik Sense navigation and Hub interface can sometimes be complex and not very user friendly for end-users. For instance in the navigation between the different sheets and apps. A mash-up website version solves this by creating a clear navigation menu and a central navigation to content from all sheets and apps.

So, Woodpecker is a perfect solution for any reporting or BI department that needs to provide easy-to-use information portals for end-users using existing Qlik Sense content and objects.

Woodpecker application overview

In the video below, our developer explains the Woodpecker in more detail, and show some of its functionalities *.

Key benefits of the Woodpecker

Improved user experience

Have a clear overview of all the apps and sheets and easily navigate in the Woodpecker generated user-friendly web pages.

No-code Mashup results

Create a Mash-up web environment using an easy drag-and-drop interface and have your results in 15 minutes. No coding required!

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate content from different Qlik Sense Apps in one page and create custom filters that work on all content.

Easy navigation

The search function even makes it possible to quickly find results and jump directly between different topics and sheets.

Simple maintenance

Changes to the web pages and maintenance can be done using Woodpecker without requiring extensive knowledge. The ideal tool for a BI or Reporting department.


Personalise your web version of the Qlik Sense content to your own company’s style or theme. Fully customizable to your own requirements.

Woodpecker demo interface

The picture below shows an example outcome of the Woodpecker extension for the Qlik Mash-up. It is a web presentation built without coding involved.

Requirements, Licenses & Personalization


Qlik Sense is required to use the Woodpecker Extension.


Licences are to be obtained for the individual user or per (company/department) group. Contact us for the perfect fit for your company.


Personalize the web page to your business theme in de Woodpecker extension. So, present your results to your team in a way familiar to your company. All this of course, without coding!

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    * Functionalities of the Woodpecker 2.0 version