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Beginner to expert courses

Below the content of our course offerings for Qlik Sense and for Alteryx are summarised. All courses will be given by certified trainers with extensive experience in the applications. Subscribe to one of our trainings or contact us for more information about tailor-made options.

Types of courses

Alteryx trainings are provided on multiple levels

Alteryx Beginner Course

This course is meant for beginners in Alteryx. It will familiarize yourself with the tool and cover the most common use cases as well as best practices. We will go through numerous examples and exercises. At the end of this course, you will know sufficient about Alteryx to be able to build workflows and pass the Alteryx Core Certification.

Alteryx Advanced Course

This course is meant for advanced users of Alteryx who want to learn more about certain areas of the Alteryx functionality. Given the wide range of possible topics this course is set-up in modular form so that each group can choose which topics are of interest.

Qlik trainings are provided on multiple levels

Qlik Sense Beginner Course

The goal of this training is to get you from little or no knowledge about QlikSense, to being able to navigate and use existing Qlik Sense dashboards but also to create your own apps from scratch.

Qlik Sense Advanced Course

This training builds on the content of the QlikSense beginner course. At the end of this course, you will be able to load in data using the Data Load Editor / Load Script, make more advanced Set Analysis expressions and find your way around some frequently occurring scenario’s and use cases in QlikSense.

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Kind and patient trainer that takes the time for you to explain everything thoroughly and clearly.

I got my Alteryx Core Certification easily after the Alteryx Beginner Course.

The trainer clearly knew what he was talking about and discussed the subjects in such a way that it was the right pace for beginners.

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