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Managing the Campus

Managing the Campus

  • Deliverables: Power BI dashboards
  • Client: Brightlands Smart Services Campus

The Challenge

Managing a large campus area is a complex task. A lot of different tasks have to be managed and well-informed decision-making is crucial. The different topics range from financial data, to maintenance requests, to energy consumption etc. To make it even more complex a number of different systems are used for sub-tasks and thus data lives in a dispatched and fragmented infrastructure. Optimizing decisions or gaining detailed analytical insights becomes close to impossible across all different areas .

The Process

Using a cloud-based backbone of Microsoft Azure and Power BI, we have connected the different in-house as well as hosted data in different software systems such as Twinfield and Facilitor into one data hub. From this data hub data is analysed and made available to end users through Power BI dashboards.

The Solution

Managing and analysing the operations of the campus has become possible from one central information source. Very quickly this already resulted in finding opportunities for substantial cost savings which resulted in a payback period of the investment of only a few months.