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Investment Oversight

Investment Oversight

  • Deliverables: Data Science
  • Client: APG

One of the biggest asset managers in the world faced the challenge to improve the way they inform their pension fund clients about their investment portfolio. Their goal was to replace the static and paper/PDF based reporting by an interactive online platform. Given the complex and detailed reporting this meant replacing more than 200 pages of monthly investment reports.

The Challenge

The challenge for LARKinfolab consisted of changing the way of investment reporting. The change from paper- and PDF-based reporting to reporting using an interactive online platform will facilitate internal working processes as well as providing their clients with an improved overview of their investment portfolio.

The Process

We created an online platform that hosts all relevant information about the investment portfolios for the pension funds. For this platform we redesigned all graphs and visualizations in order to get the best and most effective transfer of information. Topics include amongst others holdings data, performance figures and risk insights.

The Solution

With this platform, which is based on the Qlik Sense Mash-Up functionality, the users have detailed investment information at their fingertips. This makes it possible to have much more data-driven discussions and base decisions on available facts. The overall design maximizes the information value and user experience. Additionally the platform uses Natural Language Generation (a subfield of Artificial Intelligence) to automatically write dynamic summary text based on the selection of the data.