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College Dropouts

College Dropouts

  • Deliverables: BI
  • Client: LVO

BI as a service solution to track and analyse college dropouts across the region

The Challenge

Reducing the percentage of high school drop-outs is a major task for the government concerning the southern region in The Netherlands. Although detailed data about students are available through government databases, a clear oversight and analysis platform was lacking. The organisation had to use multiple inefficient and time-consuming end-user tools to gather information.

The Process

In close cooperation with our client we collected all relevant data about college dropouts in one interactive BI environment. Data is held up to date automatically through an efficient data handling process. The information is made available as a “BI-as-a-service-platform” which enables users from different organisation such as schools and governments, to have easy access on any device.

The Solution

The platform now enables all users to have direct access to relevant information so that they can fully focus on analyzing the data and on tackling possible problems instead of finding and discussing the data. In addition, other data sources and analytics are now added that explain factors that may cause dropout behavior.