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Narrative Science

Narrative Science

Data is growing at an exponential pace — however the ability to extract meaningful insights from data continues to be a struggle. Increasingly, organizations turn to intelligent systems which automate data analysis in order to operate more efficiently and better serve their customers.

Narrative Science is at the forefront of this transformation. Narrative Science advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) platform analyses structured data from any source, understands what’s interesting and important, and generates easy-to-understand narratives tailored to any audience — at any scale.

Narrative Science COVID-19 Case Demo

In the example above, Narrative Science is applied to a Regional Analysis dashboard on COVID-19.

Want to try Narrative Science for yourself? Download the free demo.

Speed, Collaboration & Control

The Narratives functionality can be integrated in your BI package. At LARKinfolab the ‘Narratives for Qlik package’ is used, which works seamlessly with Qlik Sense BI. This way results are displayed in natural language making data easy-to-understand information for anyone.