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Alteryx empowers analysts to prep, blend, and analyze data faster with hundreds of no-code, low-code analytic building blocks that enable highly configurable and repeatable workflows. See how data is turned into insights with data profiling and exploration, and share your results in a collaborative environment.

With augmented machine learning, your citizen data workers can quickly build predictive models without coding or performing complex statistics. A guided, step-by-step or fully automated process will help you create properly trained algorithms that are ready to deploy.

Why Alteryx?

Repeatable workflow

Automate manual data tasks into repeatable analytics workflow.

Code-Free and Code-Friendly

Intuitive interface for both analytics modeling without code and advanced modeling with code.

Deployable Analytics

While many modeling tools exist on the market, we give you the freedom to deploy and manage analytic models.

Flexible and Diverse

Start with what you need and grow over time with our open platform. We support nearly every data source and visualization tool.

Wicked ROI

Intuitive interface for both analytics modeling without code and advanced modeling with code.

Scale and Governance

Scaling analytics for your organization translates into performance, secutiry, collaboration and governance

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Self Service Data Analytics

The Alteryx experience is an example of self-service analytics, with drag-and-drop visual workflows that allow users to connect, cleanse, and blend data, wherever it’s stored. It can then be analyzed, and modeled in a code-free or code-friendly environment. Alteryx visualytics allows you to see how data changes across an entire workflow. With Alteryx, deploying, managing, and monitoring analytic models happens in real-time, as organizations quickly and confidently deliver answers faster than they ever thought possible. The Alteryx platform allows organizations to scale and IT to govern, as analytic workflows are automated, shared, and published securely, freeing up time and resources to deliver game-changing business outcomes.

Alteryx Products

Alteryx Designer

Alteryx Designer delivers a single analytic experience for users of all levels to unlock all your data sources.

Alteryx Server

A strong data culture requires speed, reliability, flexibility, governance, and scale.

Alteryx Connect

Alteryx Connect changes how you discover, prioritize, and analyze all relevant information in your organization.

Alteryx Promote

Alteryx Promote makes developing, deploying, and managing predictive models and real-time decision APIs easier and faster.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you can unlock hidden insights in your semi-structured and unstructured data.

Other Alteryx Products

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Want to try Alteryx for yourself? Download the 30-day trial.