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About Us


LARKinfolab is a boutique data science consultancy firm, with talented and dedicated data scientists and data engineers in store to help elevate your business. Read more about our story below and/or quickly navigate to the following pages:

Alteryx and Qlik Beginner/Advanced courses for your business (department).

Our team created Woodpecker extension software to improve your user experience with Qlik Sense.

See our Partner pages concerning Qlik, Alteryx, Mendix and Narrative Science

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About Our Company

We started our company in 2015 but can build on more than 25 years of experience in large organizations in a wide range of topics around data engineering and business analyses but also in just running a business.

Our team has since grown to a diverse group of talented data engineers, data scientists, business analysts and information designers which all share a passion for building smart information solutions for clients. Although we tackle all sorts of topics and businesses, we can work with our long experience in the financial industry to quickly add value in banking, asset management or pension fund cases.

What we do not like is having long meetings or wearing suits and ties to work. We think creation comes from passionate professionals that work together in a healthy and supportive culture with the common goal of providing the best value for our clients and and surprise them with new solutions.

We continue building our company on our common beliefs and values:

  • We want to make a difference for our clients, all the rest is secundairy
  • We always keep searching for better ways to do things
  • We dare to experiment
  • Our people are our assets, on all areas and on all levels
  • We continuously invest in our people and company: we are in it for the long term
  • We take our responsibility towards our community and our region serious.
  • We do what we can to minimize our footprint as a company and protect our environment




LARKinfolab is an independent boutique consultancy firm which we have built around our passion for technology, information and design.

In combining these elements we make innovative and meaningful information products which are easy and pleasant to use. Access to high quality information is and will increasingly be one of the key value drivers for any company or organisation.



We believe that a seamless connection between people and data with a focus on creating real understanding is essential in order to be able to cope with the growing challenges and complexity in our society.

Whether this is in the dynamic world of business or in the context of our social and environmental issues, we are dedicated to make a difference by helping you see the real stories.

Our Team

Etienne Foarge

Etienne Fouarge

Managing Director
Humberto Kelkboom

Humberto Kelkboom

Technical Director
Pascal Vos

Pascal Vos

Data Engineer/Developer
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Chris van Knippenberg

Data Engineer/Developer
Attachment image #2119

Joshua Pierlo

Data Engineer/Developer
Attachment image #2456

Amulya Harish

Data Scientist
Attachment image #2450

Dennis van Lienden

Data Scientist
Attachment image #2449

Amit Kumar Upadhyay

Data Scientist
Attachment image #1681

Tom Pelzer

Independent Information Designer
Attachment image #1681

Chantal Fouarge

Finance & Legal
Attachment image #2120

Nadia Kelkboom

Marketing & Communication