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Transforming data to smart information systems

We are an independent consultancy team of data engineers, data scientists and information designers, who help you build smart information systems that will move your business forward.

Our Services


Data Engineering

Data comes in different shapes and forms. Our data engineers help you to tackle the challenges in combining this into organized and usable data sources. They ensure that all required data is collected, processed and stored via a robust process that strikes the right balance between control and agility. This information layer forms the sound foundation for further data analyses.


Data Analytics

The starting point for successful data analytics is not a technology or a model but finding the right business challenge and questions to tackle. The ones that provide the most value when answers can be found. Then analytics can be applied that in the end empower people to make well-informed decisions that make a difference to their business.


Data Design

Ultimately the interface and interaction between data and the users or decision maker determines the success of all analytical efforts. Well-designed information engages the audience and makes it easy to understand and interpret complex date and creates clarity for the decision makers.

Data is quickly becoming your major asset. We help our clients to transform data into knowledge.
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Latest Cases

De Groene Golf
LARKinfolab is concerned with the ‘Green Wave project’ initiated by Trapps Wise.
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Investment Oversight
Interactive online dashboards that provide complete investments reporting for the biggest pension funds in the world
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Managing the Campus
Interactive platform to monitor all aspects of facility management: from financial management, energy use to service requests
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Our services support all steps needed to build a data analysis process that forms the basis for data-driven decisions. Each part requires it’s own unique tools, skills and experience. We call this the data-to-insights conversion model.

Our data-to-insight model is a process to transform your data into relevant business information to enable informed decision-making. First, data is collected from different sources and in different forms. To make the collected data usable, it has to be cleansed and combined. Second, after merging the dataset, new business values are found by combining raw data via logical analytics models or associations. In this phase the analists and the designers also work together to create the most clear, efficient and engaging visual interface between the information and the end-users. All geared towards creating better decisions and the right actions for your organization.


We are dedicated to helping our clients with their challenges. We are very lucky to work with some of the best companies in the world.



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