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Qlik is a top player in the field of modern business intelligence tools. It enables you to create visualizations, dashboards and apps which will answer your company’s most important questions. It is simple to use but more powerful then you can imagine.

The Qlik and Qlik Sense products offer true visual analytics capabilities powered by the associative data indexing engine, that go much further than just interactive dashboarding. The open architecture enables users to extend the functionality with custom made D3 visualizations or with advanced analytical models.

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Democratized Data For Everyone

Qlik empowers your workforce to access the data they need – with an end-to-end strategy that takes raw data from every corner of your enterprise – big or small – and transforms it into analytics-ready information that can be used in any analytics environment.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense sets the benchmark for third generation analytics platforms, enabling users of all skill levels to discover hidden insights and make data-driven decisions. Qlik Sense supports the full range of use cases across the analytics life-cycle – from self-service to interactive dashboards, conversational analytics, mobile analytics and reporting. It augments human intuition by combining unique associative technology with AI-powered insight suggestions, automation, and natural language interaction. And it does this within a governed SaaS enabled multi-cloud architecture that offers trust, scale, and ongoing choice for the organization.

Analytics for all

The associative difference, from self-service to centralized analytics, and built for mobility and collaboration.

Data literacy through AI 
Insight suggestions- visual and associative, smart visualization and authoring, and conversational analytics and natural language.

Platform for the enterprise ecosystem
Scalable multi-cloud architecture, big (and small) data integration, and open customization and extension.

Want to try Qlik for yourself? Download the free trial.